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company_seo_logo SITAEL 38 - AIT Propulsion Engineer


Italia, Toscana, Pisa


Industria aerospaziale



Data: 14/11/2022

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In the frame of Assembly Integration and Test (AIT) activities, SITAEL is looking for a Propulsion AIT Engineer. As AIT engineer, he will ensure a system overview to improve collaboration between propulsion Sub-System engineering and AIT engineering, addressing and coordinating the different topics related to integration and testing at unit and subsystem level.




  • Support the AIT manager in preparing the MAIT documentation (i.e. AIT plan/schedule, Test Specification, Test procedure, Manufacturing Flow chart, Test Reports etc.)
  • Plan and chair on a regular basis coordination meeting, between S/S engineering and AIT engineering
  • Plan and control the integration and testing activities, overseeing their correct and timely execution, reporting results and progress to AIT manager.
  • Lead execution of procedures, supervising technicians and interfacing closely with PA department.
  • Participate hands-on in the assembly, integration and testing activities as needed.
  • Support Technical discussion on procurement level for propulsion ground support equipment selection and definition.
  • Support PA for inspections and review boards (MRR, TRR, PTR, NRB, TRB...)
  • Contribute and maintain to a log of lessons learnt to feedback to AIT team for process improvement.




  • •Master Degree in Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering (5y+)
  • Ideally 3-5 years of professional experience in AIT field (Propulsion AIT engineering at S/S level)
  • Knowledge of testing facilities
  • Knowledge of Space Qualification and Acceptance test campaigns (according to ECSS-E-ST-10-03C)
  • Very good knowledge of MS Office (MS Project included), CAD Software
  • Fluency in English
  • Great organizational skills
  • Proactive attitude and awareness of quality as well as project deadlines is expected.




Only applications with Pisa availability as a workplace will be considered.

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Gestisce altre persone:No
Tipo di contratto:Contratto a tempo indeterminato


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Italia, Toscana, Pisa

  MISSION   The Digital Design Engineer is responsible of development of digital unit and sub-system for space applications, in accordance to customer or internal requirements and applicable standards (such as ECSS), supported by analysis (for instance radiation, FMEA, thermal, etc.). The design activity has to be conducted in multidisciplinary team in a scenario where requirements are all closely related to each other and technical compromises have to be readily identified.    RESPONSIBILITIES   - Design of digital system based on FPGA or ASIC for space applications using VHDL - Design of digital system based on FPGA for electrical ground support equipment - Test of digital design system (up to engineering model level) - Preparation of FPGA level design documentation and reports - Support of equipment level documentation and verification - Providing technical support to project reviews   TECHNICAL SKILLS/REQUIREMENTS   - Qualification: Master degree in Electronic Engineer, Physic, Math or Information Technology - Knowledge of hardware description language: Verilog, VHDL, SystemVerilog - Knowledge of digital simulator: ModelSim, Incisive NCSIM, VCS - Knowledge of FPGA technology: Xilinx and Microsemi - Knowledge of programming software: C, Perl, Phython - High motivation and proactive involvement - You are a team player with enthusiasm to work in an inter-disciplinary group - Fluency in spoken and written English   LOCATION   Pisa, Mola di Bari, Torino, Forlì, Roma.  

Italia, Toscana, Pisa

  MISSION   The Propulsion System Engineer expert will participate to the Electrical Propulsion design and development. He is a major contributor for establishing the equipment selection, the components development and qualification test plan. His contribution also extends to planning and updating assembly, integration, test and verification schemes within the programme (in cooperation with the other systems).    RESPONSABILITIES   - Collaborate with AIT team to develop and execute qualification test plans to ensure readiness for flight (vibration, shock, thermal cycle, life cycle) and to troubleshoot the electric propulsion test facility (vacuum chambers, performance measurement systems, magnetic field measurement systems, plasma diagnostic systems, data acquisition and control systems) - Collaborate with Thruster Design Team to analyze and review data to ensure that hardware is operating as expected and conduct spearhead root cause investigations and component redesigns to improve reliability - Collaborate with PMO to balance rigor with risk tolerance to find the sweet spot in the cost/leadtime/reliability/performance space for a system that cannot accept a non-zero failure rate - Work in an integrated collaborative team environment including daily interactions with technicians, engineers, and managers - Maintain a positive and constructive attitude in the face of technical and non-technical challenges   Main Tasks   - Architecture definition (electric and propulsion systems);  - Requirements definition and management;  - Mass and power budgets definition;  - Definition of DDVP at subsystem level;  - Interface with commercial and institutional customers and suppliers;  - Support to PMO for schedule management; - Delivery of technical contributions for proposals and reviews.   TECHNICAL SKILLS / REQUIREMENTS   - Master Degree in Aerospace Engineering - 1-3 years of total experience in one or a combination of the following: involvement with an outside the classroom project team designing, building and testing electric propulsion components; academic research focused on electric propulsion; or professional experience designing, testing, and analyzing electric propulsion systems.   Preferred   - Deep understanding of vacuum chamber operations, thermodynamics, structural design, electromagnetism, plasma physics, and materials properties - Demonstrated ability to work in a highly cross-functional role - Able to prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment - Self-motivated, well organized with keen attention to detail - Must have an ongoing drive for continuous improvement in all aspects of work   LOCATION   We will only consider applicants available to work at our Pisa premises. 2 days/week smart working will be evaluated only after the necessary training.

Italia, Toscana, Pisa

  MISSION   As part of SITAEL Satellite systems engineering team you will work on the platform system design together with other subsystem engineers. As technical lead you will follow the full cycle of the product, starting from the preliminary design and the requirements capture according to the customization of already existing platforms and in the design of new missions. You will also interface with and support the AIT engineers.   RESPONSIBILITIES   - System management activities for documentation and product configuration  - Overall spacecraft and subsystems design; - System and subsystems budgeting; - Coordinate the integration of different subsystems; - Mission/project requirements capturing & management; - Interface with and support AIT team and related activities; - Verification of the the acceptance programs at subsystem and unit level - Management of changes and verification of the impacts on documentation - Verification of the tracing of the requirements and applicable standards.   TECHNICAL SKILLS / REQUIREMENTS   - Master's Degree preferably in Space Engineering - At least three years of working experience in spacecraft systems design; - Knowledge of System Engineering principles and system-level knowledge of all spacecraft subsystems; - Knowledge of satellite architectures; - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills; - Proactive attitude and ability to work in a team; - Knowledge of Mission analysis software (GMAT/orekit) is a plus ; - Working experience on Earth observation applications is a plus; - Full professional proficiency in the English language is mandatory.   LOCATION   Pisa, Mola di Bari, Torino

Italia, Puglia, Mola di Bari

MISSION   Within the Ground Segment and Operations Team and under the direct supervision of the Spacecraft Operations Manager (SOM), the Spacecraft Operations Engineer (SOE) will be part of a team involved in activities related to the development, maintenance and evolution of the Spacecraft and System engineering of PLATiNO-1 mission in Sitael, currently in phase C/D. The successful candidate will provide operations expertise to one or more platform subsystems and / or payload instrument(s), depending on his or her experience and the overall team needs. He or she shall primarily provide support to the PLATiNO-1 operations, as well as further platform subsystems and / or payload instruments on other missions, depending on the overall Sitael needs. The SOE will also coordinate with external teams responsible for on-board software management, simulator support, mission control, mission planning, flight dynamics and ground stations. The SOE will be required to support operations during normal working hours. After PLATiNO-1 launch, however, he or she will be required to support the on-call operations engineer rota, such that safe and efficient operations are ensured by the Spacecraft Operations Team on a 24/7 basis.   RESPONSIBILITIES   The task of the SOE will typically include:   - Under the direct supervision of the SOM, support critically the on-going definition of operational concepts and implement operations engineering processes as part of PLATiNO-1 operations preparation activities (Phase C/D) - Support the planning and coordinate the execution of SVT campaign, LEOP operations and Commissioning of PLATiNO-1 satellite - Review space to ground interface specifications and Flight Operations Manuals (FOMs, ICDs, OPS Guides, etc..). In particular, from the relevant FOM derive, develop and validate the Flight Operations Procedures necessary for In Orbit Verification and Routine Operations. - Investigations into satellite / system anomalies - Interact with the industrial support teams in Sitael, external partners and contractors during the execution of the activities - Provide reporting and management support to the SOM, acting as his/her deputy if needed   TECHNICAL SKILLS/REQUIREMENTS   In addition to having a University degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline, candidates shall have a demonstrated experience in at least two of the following mandatory skills, with a particular emphasis on LEO missions:   - Spacecraft monitor and control in-orbit operations - Spacecraft operations preparation engineering - Low Earth Orbit spacecraft design or Assembly Integration and Test activities at system or subsystem level   Furthermore, it would be a distinct advantage for the key person to have:   - 3-5 years' experience operating one or more platform subsystems and / or payload instruments, ideally for LEO missions. - Experience of specification, testing, validation and operation of satellites and/or satellite ground segment facilities. - Experience of implementing successful changes in an operational environment. - Good interpersonal, communication skills (both written and verbal) including demonstrated experience in writing technical documents. - Familiarity with FOM documents and design of spacecraft operational procedures. - Familiarity with the ECSS Packet Utilisation Standard, customisation and usage.   LOCATION   Pisa, Mola di Bari, Roma.
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