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company_seo_logo Mermec Ste 07 - Junior Electric Tranction's Installer


Italien, Lombardei, TBD





Datum: 20/05/2022


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For our Operation's Departmente, we are looking for a junior resource must be available to work as a team throughout the country under Construction Manager's guidline. Can works on night shifts, at the moment of railway interruptions, and if necessary, during holidays in the event of particular technical and organizational needs.



  • Carries out the build's activities of electric traction systems and their maintenance;
  • Follows and respect the work plan and the contractual technical rules;
  • Compiles the declaration of personal performance and work performed towards the competent coordination structures.



  • Diploma;
  • Basic computer knowledge;
  • driving license type B;
  • type C and certificates for the use of operating machines is preferible;
  • RFI qualifications such as MPEC, TE-DITTE, MdO DITTE is is preferible.

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Italien, Lombardei

POSITION MISSION For our Operation's Team, we are looking for a young resource preferably with experience in the sector. The new collegue will report directly to the Project Manager and the Construction Manager and will works in a professional team throughout the national territory. The resource main will works in the South of Italy but may be assigned to any construction site in Italy depending on the technical and organizational needs of the company.   RESPONSABILITIES - Carries out service or support activities specific to the function to which it belongs and the related reference processes; - Manages and analyzes data for the purpose of their use within the company information system's application tools; - Draws up SES, EM, Accounts Payable, Active and Passive Invoicing, Supplier Bills, etc. - Manages and updates reporting both internally (its function and other business units) and externally (customers, partners, suppliers, ...) - Collects, selects, orders data and documents, taking care of their archiving; - Prepares correspondence and takes care of the handling of paperwork at external offices; REQUIREMENTS - High school Diploma; - Knowledge of office 360 software is mandatory; - Knowledge of SAP Apllication is mandatory; - Driving licence type B

Italien, Lombardei

POSITION MISSION For our Operation's Department, we are looking for a resource, within the operational structure of the construction site and reporting directly to the PM, will have to play the role of Construction Manager Railway Signaling/TLC on CM4 Contract (Milan Metro) and on other railway signaling contracts (maintenance and construction). The resource ensures the realization of the works and works in compliance with the temporal, economic and technical-operational parameters, taking care of the relationships with the Customer's operating interfaces.   RESPONSABILITIES - Coordinates the activities of the assigned Technical Assistants managing the work priorities in accordance with the Project Management line and / or directly with the Customer; - Guarantees the correct allocation of the resources for which it is responsible (human, means, equipment/equipment, materials, suppliers); - Responsible for the correct and timely delivery of the work accounting (SAL); - Program and report reference technology managers the need for personnel and the necessary skills; - Report to the reference technology manager any training needs of the assigned personnel;   REQUIREMENTS - Railway signalling systems (both cabin and yard); - ACC and ACEI systemsTelecommunications networks; - Interfacing and data collection systems; - Installation of equipment (STSI technology, AM technology, installation of control panels, installation of railway equipment); - Installation, modification and testing of LFM systems; - BT electrical panels: assembly, verification, check, wiring of electrical panels, as-built hand editing; - Construction of ground and equipotential systems and related measures; - Good knowledge of plant engineering (special systems): CCTV systems, anti-intrusion, smoke detection, configurations of control panels and sensors; - Knowledge of the symbology used in electrical systems and electrical panels; - Electrotechnical measurements, measurements with various instruments (multimeter, insulation meter, measurements V, I, R, C); - Analog (BF measurements) and digital telecommunications measurements with various instrumentation; - Good knowledge of the main programs used in computer science (mail, word, excel, willingness to learn how to use proprietary programs of the various control units); - Willingness to make both long-term trips throughout Italy, and to work at night and on holidays; - Driving license: B.
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