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company_seo_logo SITAEL 15 - Space Analogue Hardware Design Engineer


Italia, Toscana, Pisa


Industria aerospaziale



Data: 05/05/2022

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The Analogue Hardware Design Engineer is responsible to design hardware for space applications, in accordance with customer requirements and applicable standards (such as ECSS), supported by analysis (for instance PSA, WCA, FMEA, thermal-structure, etc). The design activity has to be conducted in a multidisciplinary team in a scenario where requirements are all closely related to each other and technical compromises have to be readily identified.




  • Design hardware, define Bill of Material for space applications in accordance to customer requirements, internal/external standards;
  • Conduct electrical analysis to support the designing phase and support other analysis such as thermal-structural;
  • Conduct functional tests at board or system level;
  • Writing technical documentation;




  • Master's degree in electronic engineering / physics;
  • Good knowledge of English;
  • Experience in analogue and/or power electronics, specifically in one of the following activities: 
    • front-end electronics for sensors (such as thermistor, thermocouples, position sensors, etc.);
    • driving electronics (such as driver for step motors, hold/release mechanism, etc.);
    • DC/DC converter design;
    • Power Supply System design (such as power conditioning and distribution unit);
    • interfaces with Spacecraft subsystems, hardware design with digital components (such as microcontroller, FPGA, ADC, DAC, etc.);
    • FMEA/PSA/WCA analysis, debug and test on at least engineering model capability;
  • Knowledge on design methodologies for space applications (design documentation, design analysis, etc.) and ECSS standards is preferred;
  • Knowledge of schematic/simulation tools such as Orcad/Spice (or similar).


  • Knowledge of instrumentation for laboratory testing;
  • Experience with debug and test of analog boards;
  • Knowledge on design methodologies for space applications (design documentation, design analysis, etc.) and ECSS standards is preferred;
  • Knowledge in measurement of analogue and mixed signal boards;
  • Knowledge in feedback control systems.




Pisa, Mola di Bari

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Gestisce altre persone:No
Tipo di contratto:Contratto a tempo indeterminato


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MISSION   The Digital Electronics Enginner is included in the Digital Electronic Design Department of Space Engineering.   RESPONSABILITIES   Design of digital system based on FPGA or ASIC for space applicationsDesign of digital system based on FPGA for electrical ground support equipmentTest of digital design system (up to engineering model level)   TECHNICAL SKILLS/REQUIREMENTS   Qualification: Master degree in Electronic Engineer, Physic, Math or Information TechnologyKnowledge of hardware description language: Verilog, VHDL, SystemVerilogKnowledge of digital simulator: ModelSim, Incisive NCSIM, VCSKnowledge of FPGA technology: Xilinx and MicrosemiKnowledge of programming software: C, Perl, Phython  LOCATION   Pisa

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MISSION   The Power Electronics Engineer will have the task of design power electronic hardware for space applications, in accordance to customer requirements and applicable standards. The design activity has to be conducted in multidisciplinary team in a scenario where requirements are all closely related to each other, and technical compromises have to be readily identified.   RESPONSABILITIES   - Design and sizing of active power device/module and passive component such capacitor and inductor; - Designing high frequency magnetics, including transformers, coupled inductors, EMI chokes and common mode filters; - Analyze EMC susceptibility and emissions from power conversion products; - Design, validation and key components of high voltage high power DC/DC converter; - Managing thermal issues; - Hands-on prototyping and debug experience testing complex power systems, including switch-mode and linear regulators; - Create Design Verification Plans, Procedures and Test Reports; - Writing technical documentation.   TECHNICAL SKILL/REQUIREMENTS   - Master's degree in Electronic Engineering is requested, with a preferred specialty in power electronics; - 3yrs+ hands-on experience in the theories, concepts, principles, techniques, and practices of power electronics system design, architecture, and implementation; - Previous experience with avionics is a plus; - Familiar with appropriate engineering tools such as OrCAD, LTSpice, Matlab (or similar); - Basic knowledge of PCB layout design; - Experience on typical design analysis methodologies for power electronics in harsh environments (WCA, PSA, FMEA); - English language (fluent in oral and written is preferred); - Availability to travel occasionally.   LOCATIONS   Mola di Bari, Torino.
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POSITION MISSION For our engineering's area, we are looking for a resource that, by interfacing with the working group and the Project Manager, will operate transversally to the different lines of engineering and development in order to ensure the correct execution and implementation of the design works, in accordance with the contract. RESPONSABILITIES - general coordination of basic and executive detailed design activities, as well as all related activities related to any necessary developments for the activities pertaining to the National ERTMS projects; - general coordination of design activities and manage the correct implementation of the systems; - identification of the developments necessary for the correct implementation of the plants and related systems; - transversal coordination and support to the Project Manager, Customer, RTI partners; - relationship with the necessary entities (ANSFISA, ISA, etc.); - responsible for the approval of projects and their correct compliance in compliance with industry regulations, contractual, specifications and characteristics of the project.   TECHNICAL SKILLS, QUALIFICATIONS AND PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE - master's degree in engineering or equivalent qualifications; - design of complex railway systems (ACC, ERTMS, etc.); - Project management in support of the latest generation of signalling systems (GSMR, Power Systems); - thorough knowledge of the authorization processes for these systems, V&V processes.
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POSITION MISSION For our engineering's area in Genoa, we are looking for a junior software developer who will be involved in the software development activities for the Mermec STE ACC System RESPONSABILITIES - develop software for the application software package for the ACC MMSTE apparatus; - assist the debugging process; - support the software design process; - participate in the flow of the Safery Critical equipment development process; - interact with the product and verify compliance with the module and subsystem design requirements; - basic knowledge of Linux OS is a plus; - experiences with Java or C is a plus; - knowledge on DB SQL and NOSQL design is a plus; TECHNICAL SKILLS, QUALIFICATIONS AND PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE - previous experience of at least 2 years in the field of software design and development; - master's degree or a short degree in technology (computer science/ electronics / electrical/ electrical / telecommunications or equivalent); - main language: C#; - knowledge design patterns; - html5/javascript/web technologies;  - concepts and experience in backend and/or client side programming; - source code versioning - git.
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